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I'm A BOOTS ON THE GROUND type of High Vibrational Clarity Coach & Spiritual Influencer. I'm also a Published Author, Spiritual Entrepreneur Business Strategist & Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Partner


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There 's A Code To Crack

Think there's something "they're" not telling you? Yes, you're right. There's more to it than just sitting still. Time to pull back the veil.


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"Raminyah is a God-sent! She is very knowledgeable in spiritual matters and always has such wonderful sound advice. You will find a safe & peaceful space with her."

C. Boyce
Sacred Woman MKE

"What I get from Raminyah is this deep sense that she understands exactly what I am going through, as a mother, a daughter, and a woman. She doesn’t let me wallow in my challenges, however, but cuts right through the cobwebs to uncover the core of what’s holding me back. In this process she offers validation, understanding, and a new, more empowering perspective of myself and my past experiences."

J. Rothman

"R. Raminyah Ingram shares her years of experience in the healing sciences with love and humbleness. She walks with you on your journey as a friend and confidential adviser or consultant. All you have to do is be willing to release the need to hold on to the habits that no longer serve your greatest good."

P. Muhammad
Spiritual Director, Shaping Factors

"Raminyah was truly a blessing to my brand, LiveToWynn, when we first started out. She is a wonderful sister with a beautiful spirit. Keep wynning! "

M. Wynn
Creator of Live To Wynn

"A beautiful soul, her eyes are lit with light, life and energy."

SiStar Ro
Owner, Be Loved

"Raminyah is an energetic powerhouse like none other. She is radically honest, yet compassionate, firm while still being gentle, and incredibly insightful while still remaining humble. I could endlessly sing her praises!"

Suzy Hawkfire
Creator of "Rediscover Your Sacred Wild Self"

"Raminyah, you truly are a gift in this world! Your dynamic passionate soulful clarity is powerful beyond and beyond!"

R. Stribling
Founder at Transpersonal Guidance


50% On Your Way

Real SIMPLE Two Step 

Life is a dance we all dance without any clear cut guidance.  We stumble through life WISHING we could just GET IT!

Well, you CAN get it!!!! I'm posting practical ways we can indulge in Self-Care without the guilt, anxiety and frustration we have come accustom to.