Breakthrough & Achieve INNER Abundance

Identifying & replacing limiting core beliefs, within our mind-body field complex, that drive our experiences increases our ability to effectively navigate the direction of ones career, and personal life experiences. It increases the impact one has on the vibrational direction of all relationships while cultivating clarity of thought and accuracy.


FROM Pressure To Paradise

“It' time to KNOW, deep within, that your life
and you spiritual evolution are headed in a beautifully, fulfilling direction”

Positive Mental Attitude

 The same discipline, attitude, time management and work ethic that you've put in your career or keeping that lover, you CAN put into your relationship with yourself.

Sound Health

2nd Most Valuable Asset. If you are currently facing an uphill battle or are in a plateau with your personal and/or business finances, then I encourage you to concentrate on your relationship with your health.

Harmony In Human Relations

Your family is the cornerstone of all great achievement.  Harness it. “No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”  

The Secret to
Inner Abundance

When, not if, you can do that, then you have a solid foundation to build a brand, a company, a life of abundance, as well as friendships that are beyond compare.

It's interesting that you are STILL waiting to harvest the fruits of your labor.  You are harvesting SOMETHING but you are frustrated with the rewards.  You've been impatient and are losing a bit more of your faith with each passing day.

The TRUTH is that what you are doing NOW didn't fix the pain and hurt that is enveloping your life. You got what you want.  You have the life people DREAM of, but you have the anxiety that people fight to get rid of. WHY IS THAT? You're 18, 21, 35, 46 years old and you are living a life of overwhelm.  You are sick & tired of the turmoil in your mind that you often just give in to.

Let me tell you now. Masking the problem ONLY creates more INNER pain and suffering. You can't run from that.
It's time to Pause, Reflect and Journey Back to YOURSELF.


"Raminyah is an incredibly gifted Spiritualist. She has keen, supernatural insight. She sees through to the eyes of the soul, because she’s been where we are!"

Lesa W.
Spiritual Birth Coach-Birth Guide - Charolette, NC USA

"Get in touch with her NOW! No joke. Whether you know what you need to uncover or you don’t, she will get you through it! This SHIfT is LIFE CHANGING! Forget “peeling” the onion....fry the sucker and watch it BLOOM!"

Adrienne T.
Owner, Sunrise Yoga, Dance & Ballroom - Raleigh, NC, USA

"Raminyah has been the light of my divine intelligence. She helped me step into the other side to trust divine intelligence. During our calls she used her wonderful sergeant skills to truly help me face myself. She helped lift and illuminate one of my biggest blocks. Fear of being seen. Fear of stepping into my power. Once I accepted this, I woke up. I remembered. I remembered my purpose. Why I was where I was and how I was going to achieve it. She helped me take a huge leap into my gift. I highly recommend Raminyah if you're needing clarity of our gift/power."

Steph R.
Owner, ForEra - Ontario, Canada

"Raminyah is a massive contribution to my life, her mentoring and coaching takes me to another dimension in my life, where I am really able to look deep inside, this is not fluffy stuff, she is the real deal, she transforms lives in a non judgemental manner and has transformed mine to a space I never imagined to go I am so grateful to have found her"

Deepa M.
Yogi, Mom, Spiritual Advisor - London, United Kingdom

"Raminyah has made an incredible, meaningful difference in my life. Her coaching intuition is extraordinary, and she holds space powerfully so I can discover exactly what will shift me toward the peace and freedom I desire in my life. Raminyah's coaching is unlike any other I have ever received, and in a short time, she has made a significant impact on my growth. I am so very grateful for the blessing that Raminyah is as a healer and spiritual leader."

Leanne M.
Mindfulness Coach - Canada

"After years of working with talented spiritual workers in my life, my experience of Raminyah is that she has the ability to guide me to the absolute next level within myself. I am the honored recipient of her ability to see me clearly in places that I am ready to step into. I feel a rush of excitement knowing Raminyah has done her own inner work to such a capacity that she can be of such immense service to the world within the unique purity she offers. Set up an hour with Raminyah and experience it for yourself."

Emily P.
Artist & Founder, A Million Kisses NFP - Salt Lake City, Utah - USA

"Raminyah is magic in human form! She knows exactly what you need when you need it, and can help You see what is unseen about your life so that You can become aware of it, be responsible for it, and then transform Yourself to the next level of BEING YOU. She is who she is - authentic, real, down to earth - and she brings Truth to Your Soul. Invest in You by having a session with her today. She is sooo worth it, and so are You!"

Kimberly K.
Pastor, Hospital Chaplain & Counselor - Los Angeles, CA USA



* You FEEL obligated to do what's right.

* You are disappointed in what you see, feel trapped and are angry about it.

* You've controlled everything for so long now that you've looked around you see that you are right where you started.

* You've carved out a life for yourself but something is still missing

* Your days are always full of to do list and not enough me time

* You are finding it difficult to merge where you are spiritually with your current business / career model

* You desire to have a deep, intimate relationship with yourself but are afraid of what that means for yourself and the life that you've created


Never Heard Raminyah Speak?

This 3 minute excerpt is from Raminyah's keynote presentation,
Sex, Self & Spirituality, at the 2019 P3 (Pretty, Plus Size & Powerful) Expo.


I'm Inviting You To Learn Yourself and Live A More Abundantly Full Life. It's Time To Establish That Deep Intimate Relationship With Yourself.

CLICK HERE If You Are Ready To Establish A Deep, Intimate Relationship With Yourself.

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