"Meditation Is Like Multivitamins For Your Brain. "
"Good To Take It Every Day."


Nestled in the heart of who you are, you'll find the beating of the inner drum signalling the call to remember who you are.

Amongst the lights, sounds and sights of everyday consciousness, you'll witness an awakening of the spirit in a way that evokes you to return to your past to correct behaviors that no longer serve you in the present.

Every time you meditate you give yourself permission to alter the frequency of your brain waves.  You will begin to experience the way you see the world differently. You will see spaces and places differently, food may taste differently, your own responses will be more relaxed.  

AH! . . . Cultural Indulgence Never Felt So Fulfilling!

This unmissable 3 phase masterclass experience was specifically designed for YOU to open the door to feeling a sense of complete clarity as well as capturing and fostering understanding of your unique self in a way that will leave you in a state of utter satisfaction!

There is something about MEDITATION FUNDAMENTALS with R. Raminyah Ingram that will inspire you and your imagination.  You will leave each session feeling relaxed and fully present to embrace your finances, family, friends and who you are ready to become.

This Step-by-Step Meditation Fundamentals Masterclass Will Teach You How To ...

  • Stay In Emotional Control Throughout The Day
  • Get What You Want; Not What You Expect
  • Master Receptivity Through The Power of Focus
  • Consistently Harmonize Your Relationships


3 Step Formula For Clearing, Clarity & Being Present


ASK YOURSELF, "Is This ME?" I feel stuck and frustrated because the past choices/traumas in my life are causing problems now and I don't have the energy (or skills) to deal with them on my own.

Wouldn't it feel great to drop everything, stop GOing (like the Duracell battery) and just BE?


I know something about successful meditation implementation and I know something about being afraid of the responsibility that comes with effective and continual meditation.   

I thought meditation was sitting for hours erasing all thought so that I could find peace in the quietness of me, until I discovered the greatest meditation success is being at peace amidst the swirling chaos of everyday life.

That's why I became a spiritual clarity strategist and business mindset mentor. To share the clarity within being present right now and for always.


The Brain, The Mind & Tuning The Rhythm of You


ASK YOURSELF, "Is This ME?" I often times feel stressed, irritable, and am easily annoyed by the current challenges I face that seem to be consuming my life.

I feel like I'm drowning in my own circumstances and screaming, on the inside, for clarity on what to do with my life.

I live in a constant state of frustration because I feel like I get what I want but I don't want what I get.

How wonderful would it be to gain the understanding and clarity you need to feel full and at peace with your life?


Within meditation it is important to know the difference between the brain, the mind and what your relationship is to both.

In the second Masterclass, you learn how to define your role through meditation techniques that enhance your ability to make your desires tangible.

The most important thing to know beforehand is that your brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body. It is the central processing unit of the body and plays a key role in translating the content of the mind (the invisible, transcendent world of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, memories and imagination) which is not confined to the brain.  


The Vibration of Desire -v- The Vibration of Right Now


ASK YOURSELF, "Is This ME?" I wake up and/or go to sleep thinking "God HELP ME! I can't take this anymore!" I'm waiting for the tears of relief to come and wash over me but they are not showing up.

I am tired. I am actually sick and tired of replaying the same conversation over and over in my head days, weeks, months, years after it originally took place.

Can you imagine how relieved, at peace and happy you'll be to actually wake up and feel like you have no regrets? That life is on your side?


At Phase 3, we are deep diving into your specific desires, defining where your dampened sensitivities are rooted in the past and bringing all vibrations into alignment with one another. This phase assist you in creating higher level confidence based on where you are right now.  Those who have 100% participated in the first two phases will experience a new spiritual monogram along freshly carved neurological pathways.


Masterclass Pricing Options

You are WELCOME to attend one class or all three! Please Be Aware That Each Class Builds On The Last. It Is To Your Benefit To Experience All 3 Phases of the Masterclass.




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"Raminyah has made an incredible, meaningful difference in my life. Her coaching intuition is extraordinary, and she holds space powerfully so I can discover exactly what will shift me toward the peace and freedom I desire in my life. Raminyah's coaching is unlike any other I have ever received, and in a short time, she has made a significant impact on my growth. I am so very grateful for the blessing that Raminyah is as a healer and spiritual leader."

Leanne M.

"Raminyah is amazing! She is the one who helped me understand life outside of religion. I also know that she opened my eyes to a better life. I was in SC always sick, tired and unfulfilled at my job. I was oppressed and depressed I learned I was ignoring my purpose. I was ignoring my spiritual, mental and physical and I was STUCK. We had several sessions and I ordered and followed the Manual and the work in the manual and the sessions showed me what was tucked away. How I was thinking and to start thinking intentionally. I have since moved to a different state, I’m glowing in a higher vibrational frequency, I have MORE compassion for self and others, I am learning to set up boundaries. I enjoy my job, I’m healing and awakening."

Sheena D.

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